The Research Institute for World History (RIWH) was founded in July 10, 2004. We intended as a cyber institution for helping and developing research and education of world history. World history means not collections of regional and histories of the world but history of world as a whole. On this website, we collect and release about research informations for world history. And we aim to construct a cyberspace for information exchange by researchers.

Purpose of the Institute:

  • To promote the sense, research and education of world history in Japan
  • To collect and provide information on research and education of world history
  • To popularize the necessity of world history in Japan
  • To keep contact with other institutions and groups concerned with world history


  • To maintain a home-page on world history
  • To organize academic meetings and projects on world history
  • To offer meeting places for the academic groups on world history
  • To make book reviews on world history
  • To publish books on world history

In 2014 autumn a server that had operated our web site received cyber attacks. And unfortunately most of data by RIWH has been lost. Sorry for the inconvenience. This time, we have opened a new web page. We will continue to recover the old data as much as possible.

Once again we are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding and we will look forward to your cooperation in activities of RIWH in the future.

These are some of our texts available in English.


Modern History of the World by MITSUKURI Rinsho

Republication of Modern History of the World, originally written by MITSUKURI Rinsho in 1872-1873, is published by our institute. We have prepared it for several years. Please see here for detail. (in Japanese)

Please contact us by e-mail for further information.